Small town public library life and library school topics of interest

LIBR 204: SWOT Analysis part 4

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Facility: Misbehaving patrons; Shabby furnishings may deter some patrons from using library.

Staff: Some staff refuse cross-training opportunities; Lead staff need to take the lead more; All staff need to walk around during their shifts to discourage patron misbehavior and to better serve the public.

Budget: City infrastructure, safety, and water issues override library needs; Budget insufficient for current needs, let alone additional programs; Cooperative looking to increase costs for participating in shared ILS by tying it in to materials budget.

Programs: Many other demands for patrons’ free time; Flat budget; Library staff time needed to set up/break down program area — no support from Public Works as in prior years due to their own staff reductions; No funds and somewhat complex procedures to add Internet access computers to library fleet.

Collections: User demand for materials may decrease as they find answers elsewhere; New formats may appear, further draining our monetary resources as demand for that format type increases.

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