Small town public library life and library school topics of interest

LIBR 204: SWOT Analysis part 3

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Facility: Furnishings, flooring and signage can be replaced; Collections can be weeded/reorganized to make room for new/different materials.

Staff: Free/low cost training available through InfoPeople and other organizations; Problems can be addressed by scheduling regular quarterly all-library-staff meetings; unfilled positions can be filled.

Budget: Governing body in “recovery plan” process; Friends/Foundation grants could be pursued; Service clubs in city may be willing to donate funding for materials/programs.

Programs: More partnership with agencies for programming; New venues for marketing such as high school newspaper; Online opportunities such as online book group; Increase fleet size for Internet computers.

Collections: Special Interest groups such as Wine Country Alliance may be interested in purchasing subject collections (such as wine materials) selected by the librarian; Friends and Foundation fundraising efforts improving so they may be able to donate more toward our materials; Governing body may include materials budget enhancements in “recovery plan.”

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