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LIBR 204: SWOT Analysis part 2

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Facility: Furnishings and carpet are 20 years old; Minimum janitorial/maintenance service being provided; Signage in disrepair; No room for growth; Staff office space is maxed out.

Staff: Current numbers are down 40% from mid-2000’s; Few staff training opportunities; Some staff unwilling to address patron behavior problems; Missing key librarian staff including Adult Services, Reference Services, Technical Services which leaves Library Manager to cover all.

Budget: Has been flat for past 5 years — projected to be flat until at least 2017; Cost of materials, particularly office supplies, continues to increase; Cooperative system changed fee structure resulting in a large increase in our membership fees; New governing body members have priorities other than the library; No extra staff to pursue/manage grants.

Programming: Marketing of programs needs to be more consistent; Attendance at programs, particularly adult programs, could be better; Outreach opportunities few; Only 8 unfiltered adult Internet and 4 filtered children’s computers sometimes means long wait times for computer use.

Collections: Little budget money to spend on materials; Prices for print materials continue to rise; Staffing shortages don’t allow for true collection development; Teen collection needs better location and needs to include non-fiction and AV titles now housed in adult area.

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