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Group Assignment

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This group project went very smoothly thanks to the dynamics of its members. As the person who brought us all together, I am happy with the results. The criteria I used in selecting the group members were: same time zone, already working in a library, and a variety of different types of libraries. This mix seemed to work well, and I would hope to have the opportunity to use these same criteria in selecting a group to work with in the future. Other aspects of the group that worked well included a mix of men and women, and a wide age-range (from 22 to 54!) of members, allowing various talents an opportunity to shine.

What made this group so great was that everyone just agreed about how to get things done, ALL met the deadlines, and everyone was pretty flexible about honoring varying opinions. This meant NO conflict. Everyone did what they were supposed to do, and it really showed in our final product.

As for any negatives, there really weren’t any. There were a few technological issues regarding the layout of the slides – still not sure why the wording on my “chair” slide didn’t work; it looked fine in the plain PowerPoint and displayed fine on our practice run – but technological issues can arise in “real life” situations too, so even this didn’t really phase any of our group.

All in all, working with this group was an enjoyable experience, and I would choose to work with any of these students again. (I would even be happy to consider hiring them to work at my library!)


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